Ransomware group claims to have encrypted Centro Médico Virgen De La Caridad

Hive has added yet another medical entity to its leak site. This time, it’s Centro Médico Virgen De La Caridad health system in Cartagena, Spain.

Listing on Hive's leak site

The system consists of two hospitals (Cartagena and Caravaca), 20 polyclinics, 23 physiotherapy clinics, and 16 dental clinics throughout Murcia and Orihuela Costa. In addition, the group has one aesthetic clinic in Cartagena and one ophthalmological clinic in Cartagena.

Hive’s listing indicates that there are leaked data, but as of publication time, the data pack was not available. Hive’s spokesperson states that they have had no contact or response from the health system at all.

In response to the inquiry from DataBreaches, Hive’s spokesperson also claimed that they had encrypted the two hospitals as part of the attack. When asked how much they had encrypted, the spokesperson estimated that they encrypted 30-40% of their system.

According to Hive’s listing, their victim was encrypted on December 21. Attempts to access the website yesterday were unsuccessful and returned a connection time out message, but today the website is reachable. No notice of any service interruptions appears on the website or on the system’s Twitter account. The most recent tweet was December 30, more than a week after they were allegedly attacked.  DataBreaches has submitted a query to the system but no reply has been received as yet.

Because the health system has not confirmed the breach and the proof pack is not yet available, this claim is currently considered unconfirmed until further information is available.

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