Ransomware Hit Case Management Provider TrialWorks. What Happens Next?

Victoria Hudgins reports:

Add case management platform TrialWorks to the laundry list of companies and public sector agencies that were struck and paralyzed by a cyberattack this year. And unless lawyers backed up their client files to a separate storage network, they could be frozen out of their data by TrialWorks’ problems. Still, experts say there are ways to mitigate the damage.

In emails shown to Legaltech News, on Oct. 13 TrialWorks told clients it was experiencing a “hosting outage at our data center.” On Oct. 14 the company disclosed it was affected by a ransomware incident. After numerous status updates, on Oct. 31 TrialWorks issued a statement further explaining while hackers were able to “significantly” diminish access to data, the data “appears to be safe and protected.”

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