Ransomware Surges: What Law Firms Need to Know

Ted Kobus, a partner at BakerHostetler was interviewed this week in a podcast on ransomware. Ted had this to say, among other things:

Ted Kobus:  So approximately 25% of the incidents we worked on in 2019 involved ransomware. We love to talk about how 2020 is the year that you fill in the blank. But in reality, 2020 really is the year of ransomware and it’s when it really blew up. We are still crunching the numbers but my guess is approximately 35% to 40% of our matters involve ransomware this year. On top of that, we are likely to work on 1,700 incidents this year, which is a 70% increase over last year, that’s a lot of ransomware. Late last year, we joked on our team about ransomware Thursday because a lot of ransomware matters would come in on Thursdays. Now, we’re seeing one to five new matters every day of the week.

Listen to the whole podcast or read the transcript on Legal Talk Network.

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