Raw Questions and Answers With Hannibal and Insight to Leaks

The other night, we got in contact with the hacker Hannibal and had the chance to ask a few basic questions which im sure are the main ones everyone wants to know. So here is the raw interview via email. CWN: Do you at all feel sorry for the innocents that are possibly caught up in the dataleaks? Hannibal: ** Yes and no. On the other hand there are innocent civilians. On the other Arabs are Arabs. CWN: Is this purely targeted at Arabic people or the Saudi / Iran Government’s or Both? Hannibal:** It focused on all States an enemy of Israel, including Iran and Saudi Arab CWN: Are You worried what the legal implications for obtaining and leaking such data? Hannibal: ** No. I use that infrastructure in the most anonymous CWN: What is your thoughts on "0xOmar" the said to be Saudi hacker who released the Israeli Credit Card details  Hannibal: ** Script kid, with poor intelligence. So hope that has answered anyones basic questions, any further ones and we will try and forward them to Hannibal. Also it has come to light that A Lot of if not all the facebook and email accounts may just belong to randoms from around the world who have fallen victim to phishing over a period of time. Many people have looked in to this and can confirm that there is no saudi accounts within them so far. We will continue to attempt to follow this on going problem and keep you updated when possible.

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