Ray J Sites, Twitter Hacked and Data leaked by UGNAZI

Well just about everyone in the world knows of Ray J, if you do not, he is the male half of the Kim Kardashian sex tap that was leaked in 2007. UGNAZI a short time ago announced via their twitter account @UG that they have hacked him and leaked his data

https://Rayj.com #defacedhttps://cocksecurity.com/rayj/Rayjcom.rarhttps://Rjay.com Files/DB #UGNazi

And not so long after we assume they had also posted this following tweet from Ray J’s twitter account. The leaked data is a 300mb+ rar file that has been uploaded to cocksecurity which appears to have very slow download speeds as the leak took well over 1hr to download. The files are said to be the complete database and we can confirm this is correct. The website was still redirecting at time of publishing www.rayj.com/. So its another big, high profile hack for UGNAZI, many haters will come out and many more followers are appearing every day for them. Its really anyone’s guess as to who their next target will be. Also like to note that from this hack they have also used the 100K+ followers from RayJ’s account to get #Cosmo trending within united states. https://cocksecurity.com/rayj/Rayjcom.rar

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