RBS WorldPay denies second breach

When rumors were swirling last month about a “new” breach related to Visa and MasterCard alerts , there was speculation in a number of quarters as to whether the newest alerts were related to a second breach at RBS WorldPay that had previously been undetected or perhaps the new round of alerts might be because more compromised card numbers were discovered from the previously reported breach. Heartland Payment Systems denied that they had suffered an additional breach, but reporters had been unable to get a response from RBS WorldPay, leading the Tech Herald to point a questioning finger at RBS.

While discussing Visa’s actions with an RBS WorldPay spokesperson earlier today, I put the question to him as to whether there had been any other breach or if RBS had subsequently discovered that the previously reported breach was worse than it had already indicated and acknowledged. His answer:

…. there was not another breach at RBS WorldPay. There is no additional information to share at this time outside of what was in the press release dated Dec 23.

Well, that’s half an answer.

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