Records of Virginia Tech Gunman Discovered

Virginia Tech gunman Seung Hui Cho had been treated at the college’s counseling center before the shooting rampage in which he killed 32 students, contradicting earlier accounts of his psychiatric history, according to newly discovered mental health records located in the home of the center’s former director.

According to a memo written by a university lawyer and obtained by The Washington Post, the former director, Robert Miller, had moved the records into his home more than a year before the April 16, 2007, massacre, during which Cho also took his own life.


“I’m not allowed to say more about the circumstances of the recovery of the file,” Kaine said. “But what I want to say is this: We think it is imperative that the file be made public as quickly as possible.”

Kaine said that he was alerted to the discovery of the file Monday and that he has not seen its contents. He said he hoped the records would be made public within a matter of days, either with the permission of the administrator of Cho’s estate or through the use of a state subpoena.

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