Recycled Medical Records Used As Scrap Paper At School

Esme Murphy reports:

Detailed medical information discovered on the back of a first-grader’s school drawing sent Minneapolis school officials scrambling.


The paper was being used as scrap paper for an after school program at the elementary school.

After WCCO-TV made a phone call to the school, faculty searched and found more pieces of paper with other people’s personal information. The school is now holding those papers in a secure place.

On White’s medical record, there was a logo of the law firm, Sawicki and Phelps, which she hired after she was in a car accident.

When asked to comment, the law firm first said they had no idea how the school could have gotten the papers. However, Attorney Paul Phelps later told WCCO-TV a paralegal had donated the firm’s old paper to her child’s school — Hale Elementary.

Phelps said the donation was a violation of the firm’s privacy policies.

“It was a mistake,” said Phelps. “The employee did not believe there was any personal information on the papers.”

Read more on CBS Minnesota.  Now how many other papers are floating around Minnesota homes with personal and sensitive information on the back? How does the law firm handle this one?

Thanks to @var0sha for making me aware of this incident.

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