REDENET Hacked, Users Information Leaked

redenet_logo Today the well known hacker collective NullCrew have announced a leak of data from REDENET ( REDENET is apart of the brazilian education system and its focus is on technology research and education and has been around since 2003. @OfficialNull announced the breach a short time ago from their twitter account. > Institute of Brasil #FuckTheSystem Day 1 Personal Information Leaked: @Anon_Central @eSecurityP @Cyber_War_News — NullCrew (@OfficialNull) June 28, 2013

The leaked data was posted to pastebin and contains 1645 users email addresses, names and contact numbers and a further 14 administrator accounts with user names and encrypted passwords. It appears this attack has been doing in the name of an on going operation dubbed #fuckthesystem.

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