RedHack hacks TTNET, Turkey’s largest ISP

Today well known hacker collective RedHack has announced a breach of data on Turkey’s biggest ISP.

The attack is on TTNET ( which is Turkey’s biggest internet service and other telecom services provider.

RedHack has announced from the @Redhack_en twitter account that they are starting to dump the data of clients who are not ordinary public clients .

“Ordinary public membership details will not be shared as a matter of principle”.

The leak of information has been posted to Justpaste and is said to contain member information of those who are apart of Government Ministry’s, Intelligence agencies and Security companies alike.

They have stated that in the coming days more information will be published and that the general public has nothing to worry about from this.

“In the coming days we’ll continue with those exploiting the country. No public information will be shared. Our people can be at ease.”

The data leak posted today contains contact and account information for 659 clients. This information contains first and last names (which has corporation or company names mostly), XDSL ID numbers, service package information, telephone contact numbers, email addresses, Billing addresses and provincial location.

RedHack has stated that they are currently selecting the next lots of data to be dumped in the coming days.

“Selection process is underway. Security forces,Intelligence,Judiciary and Military personnel that commits injustices is our next target.”

Purpose and reasoning behind this is also stated as showing that no 1 system is 100% secure.


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