Redhack hits Ankara police website

Another law enforcement site, this one in Turkey, hit. ANF reports:

The website of the police headquarter in Ankara has been hacked by Redhack in the organization of ‘AntiSec’ formation. Panicked after the attack,the police shut down all their servers, writes the Redhack site, but they could not prevent Redhack from getting the files.

Explaining who they are the hackers write in their website: “The members of the RedHack consists of existing members who are either visible or not, ex-members that are always there to help us if needed, hundreds of supporters always take their ranks beside us and obviously our working class and self-sacrificing people who deserves to be supported”.

As the files are in Turkish, they have started to be published on which is the Turkish website of Redhack.

Read more on Firat. It looks like the hackers dumped at least some communications from individuals to the police, but Google translate is failing me. If someone has looked at their site and can provide a more precise recap of what data were acquired and dumped, I’d appreciate it.

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