Report: Former Monroeville police chief Cole should have acted (UPDATED)

I’ve previously covered a situation involving Monroeville’s  911 dispatch system sharing emergency call information with parties who had no legitimate need to be informed.  There’s now an update to the case, although the case is still open.

Kyle Lawson reports:

An investigator hired by Monroeville determined that former Police Chief Doug Cole should have acted when he learned there was a flaw with the dispatch computer system.

Investigator John Daley determined that 911 center information was accessible to unauthorized individuals from August 2010 to February of this year, according to a report that was given to Monroeville officials last month. The report cites current Police Chief Steve Pascarella as saying Cole was told of the security flaw during a meeting in November 2011.

Read more on TribLive.

Update: More detailed media coverage of the report can be found here.

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