Report into leaked data

*First draft of a Quick insight to the data leak. More to come as time goes by and i have a chance to get threw all the data. *But i figured for now i will share what i have found so here it is.

Data size:

2.66 GB (2,866,515,968 bytes) 5,842 Files, 0 Folders

Document details

Document dates range from early 2010 till late 2012 with some relating to events and locations of 2013 stuff Documents range from– oil well locations as well as print out diagrams,

  • machine damage reports and
  • maintenance reports
  • Newsletters
  • Monthly pump reports
  • salary payments
  • event receipts
  • passports
  • banking details
  • Government bidding lists for oil fields
  • Contract agreements

Company’s mentioned in the leak

bahar energy operating company

There is no exact website or company information that i can find for this so far but it appears to be the trading name of a Oilfield ( Ups frieght notices for what appear to be water or fluid pumps. Other links

RPS energy and SOCAR

there appears to be seismic reports done daily by RPS energy for SOCAR. Socar is a Geophysics and Geology based company as RPS specializes in doing reports for the energy sector. –

Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Greatwall drilling company

Accident reports –

baki ticaret banki

Salary payment slips from russian bank Transfers from JP morgan to other Russian based banks which are being hard to find details on. –

messe munchen gmbh

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