Reported ransomware attack leads to weeks of Aprima EHR outages

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This is the kind of news story that people may miss because it was published on a Friday afternoon. But it is one that shouldn’t be missed….

Kat Jercich reports:

A reported ransomware attack on the CompuGroup Medical data center partner, MedNetwoRX, has impeded some customers’ access to their Aprima electronic health record systems for more than two weeks.

According to emails forwarded to Healthcare IT News, the disruption began on April 22 – and some hosted Aprima clients are still waiting for service to be restored as of Friday.


On April 27, eMDs sent an email signed by CompuGroup Medical CEO Derek Pickell to hosted Aprima customers detailing the incident.

According to the email, “A sophisticated criminal organization carried out a ransomware attack on some of the hosting vendor’s systems, disaster recovery site, and backups.”

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