Researcher claims Pakistan Government’s #Covid19 tracing app leaks user’s private data

French security researcher Baptiste Robert continues to educate the public about security concerns with COVID19 tracking and tracing apps. Based on his analysis that he tweeted,

TheDigitalHacker has been reported that the app made by developers of the Pakistan government to track #covid19 uses a 3rd-grade security system that can leak personal data like passwords, personal information which are the 1st level concerns for any privacy tracing apps.

Read more on The Digital Hacker, and I will repeat what I tweeted last week:  if you are concerned about the security of COVID19 tracking and tracing apps — and you should be concerned — follow Baptiste Robert on Twitter, where he tweets as @fs0c131y or “Elliott Alderson.”

I am not in any position to evaluate @fs0c131y‘s claims about any particular app, but since he posts his proof, and corrects himself publicly in those unusual cases where he makes an error, I tend to give a lot of credibility to his reports.

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