Researcher Creates Clearinghouse Of 14 Million Hacked Passwords

Andy Greenberg reports:

Canadian researcher Ron Bowes has created a sort of Wall of Sheep for the entire Internet. By simply collecting all the publicly-spilled repositories of users’ passwords from recent hacking incidents, he’s created a clearinghouse for stolen passwords on his Web site–14,488,929 distinct passwords to be exact, collected from 32,943,045 users.

Bowes didn’t steal these passwords, and they’re not associated with usernames, an extra piece of data that would make listing them far more dangerous. All but 250,000 or so became public after the breach of, a social networking applications site penetrated by cybercriminals using an SQL-injection. Another 180,000 were spilled when the bulletin board software site phpbb was hacked using a vulnerability in one of the site’s plugins. 37,000 more were stolen from MySpace using phishing techniques.

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