Retina-X Studios Server Breached by Hackers

Last week, Kelly Austin reported:

We must share some bad news that recently came to our attention. While we were under the impression that a hardware failure had occurred on one of our servers, several products of Retina-X Studios fell victim to a data breach at the end of February 2017.

The attacker did not notify us of his activities and instead chose to wipe any data that he was able to force access to. He recently notified a journalist to write about the event. The attack was fairly sophisticated and was reportedly conducted by an individual who is wanted in the jurisdictions of several countries for his conduct relating to technological exploits.

We do not yet have all of the facts about what may or may not have occurred in this unsanctioned and unauthorized breach which resulted in data loss. However, the server has already been replaced. Fortunately, we also took the opportunity that came with provisioning a new server to strengthen security. We have now taken steps to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

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h/t, Motherboard.

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