Rex Mundi attempts to get Buy Way to pay EUR 20,000 to prevent data leak

buyway_header A hacker using the handle Rex Mundi @RexMundi_Anon has been making headlines over the past months with attacks on high profile company’s One thing that has been common for Al these attacks is the fact Rex mundi demands large amounts of money to prevent the data being leaked and gives company’s anywhere between 7-21 days notice. Some of the recent attacks have been on Drake, CreditPetWebassur and now the latest company is another financial based Company named Buy Way (

Buy Way Personal Finance is a Belgian company majority owned by Wallet, a holding company whose principal shareholders include Apax Funds 3 France VII (50.5%) and Altamir Amboise (38.3%). The balance is held by the directors and management of Buy Way.

Rex has released a pastebin statement claiming they have breached the sites servers and taken copy of data from people applying for credit loans and are now demanding they pay 30,000 EURO to prevent the leak of data. Rex has given Buy way until the coming Saturday morning ( unknown time zone) to contact rex other wise they are threatening to leak 580 loan applicants that contain full personal details.

Twitter: RexMundi_Anon Dear friends, foes and members of the media, Our name is Rex Mundi. As you might recall, we previously hacked into the servers of Belgian companies Elantis, AGO Interim, French company Credipret and North-American companies AmeriCash Advance and Drake International. We recently hacked into the Web server of Belgian lending institution, Buy Way, located at We copied a table from the server’s database that contains the names, DOB, email addresses and phones numbers of 580 loan applicants, along with the amounts of requested loans and the intended purposes of those loans. We have offered Buy Way not to publish this data on this Internet, for a small fee of course. This fee is EUR 20,000 (Twenty thousand Euros). So far, we have unfortunately not heard back from the people over at Buy Way. They have until this Saturday morning to pay us. In case they do not do so, we will publish the data in our possession on the Internet, as we have done in the past. If you are a customer of Buy Way, we would strongly advise you to contact them (Phone number: 02250.2057) in order to voice your concerns. Rex Mundi

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