RI: Third Personal Data Breach Hits UHIP Customers

Is it time to just call time of death on UHIP or reconsider the contract with the tech vendor? Or is this just to be expected in any rollout like this?

Kristin Gourlay reports:

State officials say they’ve encountered another personal data breach in the new online system for state benefits like Medicaid – a system called UHIP. Officials say a file containing embedded personal information was posted to the State’s Transparency Portal and the General Assembly website. The information has since been removed.

Officials say they’re working with the technology vendor, Deloitte Consulting, to determine the cause of the breach. They estimate the number of impacted recipients is about 5,600. Officials are not aware of any misuse of personal information so far but they’re offering a year of free credit monitoring services to customers.

This is the third known data breach in the system’s history.

Read more on Rhode Island Public Radio.

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