Ro: Cluj County Council’s website was hacked by hackers. They are asking for $100 in bitcoins

Digi24 reports that the Cluj County Council was hacked and the threat actors demand $100 USD in BTC if the council doesn’t want the files dumped. The following is a translation of the defacement:

Cluj County Council Defaced

All files have been encrypted and a backup copy of the site has been saved. If you do not want the database and site files to be publicly accessible on the Internet, you must pay a fee. Send $100 USD in bitcoins to the following address,” is displayed in a message that appears when accessing the Cluj County Council website.

Read more on DIGI24.

As of tonight, the council’s site still returns an “account suspended” message.

CLUJ Acount Suspended

Stirile PRO TV provides an update:

“The institution’s specialists identified the vulnerability and acted to remediate the situation. The data recovery process is currently underway, with a backup of the site. In fact, it has become functional again, currently intervening to optimize its operation”, transmitted, this Thursday, the Cluj County Council.

Importantly, the council says that no personal data is involved as it is all public data.

Read more on Stirile PRO TV.

After reading so many big ransom demands, it seems strange to see a $100 demand for files that are encrypted and stolen.

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