Romania: Haven for hackers turned cyber sleuths

Vlad Odobescu reports:

Razvan Cernaianu once surfed the Internet anonymously and easily broke into the computer systems for NASA, the Pentagon and Oracle.

Then he became part of a legion of hackers that turned Romania into a center of international cyber fraud investigators.

Now, the 25-year-old is co-founder of Cyber Smart Defense, a security firm with 12 employees, annual revenues of $1.45 million and offices in Belgium, Romania, the United Arab Emirates and Santa Barbara, Calif.

Read more on USA Today.

There’s no mention of @GhostShellNews, who in January, tweeted that he was tired of trying to find legitimate work in cybersecurity. Razvan Eugen Gheorghe had outed himself more than one year ago, in the hope that he’d get arrested, then be able to get a job in cybersecurity.

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