Romanian hacker gets suspended sentence for cyber theft

A Romanian hacker, Montanu Dan Vladimir, 26, from Msida, has been caught using his neighbour Pierre Mastrolani unlocked wireless connection and stolen credit card details which he obtained from Pierre’s own computer because he had saved them on there. Mr Vladimir bought a pair of Dolce and Gabbana shoes, flip flops and swimming shorts totalling €480 and had the items delivered to another address. Once Mr Mastrolani realized his internet connection was being used by his neighbour he waited for his credit card statement and found out about these extra charges that Mr Vladimir has been doing and notified police. Mr Vladimir Legal aid said he would of never been able to afford these any other way and he was fully regretful of the incident and said it should never of happened and was a big mistake and has since repaid the neighbour back. Magistrate Grima jailed him for eight months suspended for one year after taking into consideration his clean police record, his early admission and the fact that the money had been returned. So this shows that some countries still have fairly reasonable cyber crime laws and that they are not like many other that will throw u in jail for using a simple tool, so maybe so of these countries may want to have a look at the Romanian cyber crime laws and the way they handle incidents that we have been seeing over the past months.

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