Romanian Hackers Sentenced

From the FBI:

In 2007, an Ohio woman wired thousands of dollars to an eBay seller thinking she was buying a used car. The car never arrived. When she went to her local police department, the listing did not appear on the officers’ computers.

That’s because the woman was on a fraudulent version of the online auction site that mimicked the real one—a result of having unknowingly downloaded malicious software, known as malware, to her computer.

And to thousands of other victims just like her, the website and transactions looked legitimate. But buyers who thought they were wiring money across town were, in fact, sending money to hackers halfway across the world.

The hackers, known as the Bayrob Group, laundered the money via money mules, making it difficult to track.

Read more on the FBI’s website.  And read the DOJ’s press release about the case here.

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