Rothamsted Research Hacked, Full Databases and Credentials Leaked

rothamsted Today a hacker using the handle nairb has dumped a leak of data that comes from a United Kingdom based research center. The company Rothamsted Research was breached some time this week which has resulted in its complete database being leaked. > Rothamsted Research, previously known as theRothamsted Experimental Station and then theInstitute of Arable Crops Research, is one of the oldest agricultural research institutions in the world, having been founded in 1843. It is located atHarpenden in the English county of Hertfordshire. wiki

The leak was announced on twitter from a person using the handle @AnonymousJaye. > @Cyber_War_News #Leak: Entire Database of "The Moncrapo of the UK." Enjoy! #Monsato #GMO — Anonymous Jaye (@AnonymousJaye) June 1, 2013

The leaked data has been uploaded to a file mirror creator and is now on several file hosts with a press release being posted to with the message posted at the bottom of this article. The leaked data comes as a 1.7MB compressed folder with a extraction of all the databases on the sites server. The zip contains a folder name dump with 7 further folders, each of which are a database extraction result stored in CSV format.(see gallery below for files) The hacker left a message in the release file stating they were not anonymous and that this atack has been done due to Rothamsted Research conducting research in GMO which has been a hot topic over the past couple of years. A virus total scan was conducted on the compressed file and nothing was found, Results hereGallery of files The Rothamsted Research domain was also actually registered by another apparent parent company named Jisc Collections and Janet Limited ( which also conducts research and is based in United Kingdom.   Release message:

Choices. That’s what makes a life. The choices you make. No one likes to have choices forced upon them. It seems that moncrapo and their ilk have been forcing GMO’s on us for at least 3 decades. What makes this worse is that no real long term testing has been done on these "franken-foods" other than on us, the people. We’ve seen studies of rats with huge cancerous tumors caused by these GMO’s. I’ve also noticed the increase of previously unknown diseases, autism, and cancer among the populace within the last 3 decades. Coincidence? Maybe. But we would’ve liked the choice to chose between these GMO’s and natural foods, not given them by force. Not given them by falsified labels. Not given them by a government that seems to put profit and capitalist greed above the health and safety of the people. I could almost understand the use of GMO’s if they were helping world hunger, but yet many are still starving and dying of malnutrition. Even here in the "greatest" nation of the world there are families starving. Moncrapo and fellow GMO greederz, I find you guilty of crimes against humanity, corporate greed, and lies. Today I make a small strike at your kind as a whole by releasing damn near the entire database of, "The moncrapo of the UK". Enjoy! I would say yum, but GMO’s can kill…so no yum for you. I am not anon, I am nairb. DO NOT FEAR ME, HEAR ME!

A full report in the contents of this leak will be produced some time in the coming days.

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