Royal Bank glitch allowed Visa customers to view others’ transactions

Gillian Shaw reports:

The Royal Bank says it has fixed a computer security glitch that allowed some of its West Coast Visa customers to view transactions made by other cardholders.

Vancouver’s Mike Jagger was checking his RBC Visa statement online when he found himself staring at someone else’s transactions — about $20,000 worth of charges.

He called RBC right away, thinking his card had been compromised and the thief was enjoying a trip to Disneyland.

Instead, he found that a bug in RBC’s online system had left a number of people on the West Coast logging in to find the Visa transactions of other cardholders showing up in their own online account.


Jagger said RBC told him since the cardholder’s name and other personal details weren’t displayed on the screen, it wasn’t a privacy and security issue.

However, based on the transaction information — much of which occurred in Jagger’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood — it took him less than 20 minutes to uncover the identify of the other cardholder, along with his occupation, home and office address, and phone numbers.

Read more in The Vancouver Sun.

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