Royal Dutch Shell Blog hacked, Administrator Accounts Leaked

shell-logo-t A group of hackers from the Brazilian Electronic Army have this week leaked a dump of data from the Royal Dutch Shell plc blog ( The leak was announced on the 2nd and posted to paste bin and announced over twitter from the BCA Official account @Official_BCE > Royal Dutch – Oli Company Database publish #OpFuelStrike @cyber_war_news — BrazilElectronicArmy (@Official_BCE) April 2, 2013

The attack has been done under a operation dubbed #OpFuelStrike and comes with a short message stating that there is more stuff to come.

Hello first we want to introduce ourself We are Brazilian Electronic Army We are against the Oli Companies #OpFuelStrike This is our first target More is comming soon…..

The leaked data contains administrator email addresses and encrypted passwords for the sites word press system and totals 63 accounts. Source:pastebin

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