RRRC Rat Resource & Research Center Hacked, Defaced and Data Leaked

rrrc.us-defaced-about Today a hacktivist who uses the handle @G3NTbl4ck has announced a breach on Rat Resource & Research Center. The announcement has been made from twitter and the leaked data first uploaded to MEGA as a 14MB sqlmap log file that contains 8 administrator accounts of which most appear to belong to staff from University of Missouri which makes sense as its directed by Department of Veterinary Pathobiology at the University of Missouri. Users credentials leaked contain user names, email addresses and clear text passwords. The website was also left defaced with the front page and all other informational pages, contact pages and about and research pages having defacements on them at time of publishing. Other leaked data from the breach is a heap of applications information of which is mostly from educational based emails. The Rat Resource & Research Center appears to be registered to Dmr Enterprises Private Limited and as stated you can see from the above data result is closed focused around people in the educational field which is expected for a research site. The other information that makes up the total 14mb file is related to site contents and application information.

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