Russian Auto Company Hacked, Data Leaked

russian-auto-company-users-oprussia-nullcrew-pastebin-com_ A few days ago hacker group Nullcrew aka @OfficialNull announced that they had access to a Russian based auto company ( and they published its database layout with table and row names. Today they have published what they said they would and that is the matching data from them tables and rows and this data contains a bunch of user accounts and other auto group login details. > OfficialNull ‏@OfficialNull HUGE Dump (Russian Auto):  #OpRussia@YourAnonNews @AnonOpsSweden @Cyber_War_News@BreakTheSec @EduardKovacs

Account details that have been leaked include usernames, emails and encrypted passwords. All together there was 1,404 emails and about 600 more accounts without emails.

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