Russian blogger uncovers a treasure trove of police records at an abandoned station in Moscow

Meduza reports:

On August 16, blogger Lana Sator, a self-described “urbex [urban exploration] tourist” published photographs from an abandoned building on Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya Street, which once housed a police station and office of the (now dissolved) Federal Migration Service. Sator says she crawled into the two-story building through an open window. The building was unguarded and the gate in the fence surrounding the site was unlocked.

“Observing the protections on personal data with all their hearts!” Sator wrote sarcastically on social media. “There are cubic meters of documents abandoned in this building: applications with copies of various certificates, boxes with Muscovites’ IDs and passports, criminal and misdemeanor case files, juvenile delinquents’ records, officers’ personnel files, and more.”

Read more on Meduza and take a look at the photographs of what she found.

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