Russian hackers stole 54 million Turkish citizens’ ID data: Claim

OK, I’m posting this with a caution that it has not really received any official confirmation and I don’t know if any proof of hack or claims has been posted anywhere at this point:

Russian hackers have seized 54 Turkish million citizens’ ID data because Turkey’s political parties and the country’s Supreme Election Committee (YSK) share voters’ personal information, a prominent research company manager has said.

“I have heard about it. Hackers in Russia hold 54 million Turkish citizens’ ID numbers, addresses, father names,” the general manager of KONDA research company, Bekir Ağırdır, said last week in Ankara at a meeting to evaluate upcoming local elections in the country, according to a report on online news portal T24.

Ağırdır also said some parties did not have an anti-virus system but uploaded all electors’ information online and “in two hours hackers downloaded all the information.”

Read more on Hurriyet Daily News.

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