Russian Police Arrests 50 Hackers in Its Largest Cybercrime Bust

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Russian authorities have conducted a large-scale raid that resulted in the arrest of 50 people suspected of being part of a cyber-criminal group that has stolen more than $45 million (3 billion rubles) from banks and other financial companies since 2011.

Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service, formerly KGB) reported yesterday that 18 of the 50 criminals arrested during the raids are currently behind bars.

Read more on Softpedia. Kaspersky Lab has more on the story, as they were involved with Russian authorities.

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  1. Anonymous - June 6, 2016

    HA HA HA. They are behind in their protection payments to the government.
    Think about it. There is a very good probability that a good portion of the “revenue” derived from these hacks help feed the life of governments on the brink of collapsing. There must be a a good reduction in the amount of funds going to places like China and Russia, so now they have to take drastic measures. Throw the crooks in jail and grab their half of the proceeds as well.

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