Ryan Cleary

content/images/gallery/ryan-cleary/thumb169-408×264.jpg Ryan Cleary 19yo from Wickford UK Was raided and arrested by Metropolitan Police in relation to documents that LulzSec has posted online exposing his details. it is still totally unclear why LulzSec has posted his details online but it is clear that he did not have much to do with the operations that LulzSec was taking out against high profile companies. From the anonymous IRC channels and twitter there was constant talk that ryan was a leader, ryan was a main contributor to LulzSec, When in fact he just hosted a IRCd Server that they used. from IRC:

"The good news everybody: Ryan has little to do with #LulzSec besides running IRC. All 6 members of LulzSec are fine and safe. Ryan Cleary simply hosted the new encyclopediadramatica website and irc, lulzsec just had a channel there, not much of a relation."

Ryan was arrested on charges of computer misuse and fraud, and later charged with five counts of computer hacking under the Criminal Law Act and the Computer Misuse Act. Ryan was charged after 2 days and held for another 1 or so days for questing over the SOCA attacks and attacks on the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry as well as his part in LulzSec. Ryan was said to be giving the police full assistance in the questing. After 4 days on jun 25th Ryan was released on bail conditions not to use Internet and stuck under his house or by the side of  his mother. Over the days after he was released there was lots fo rumors over media and social network, none of which have been proven. These rumors state that Ryan had bipolar, that he has Asperger syndrome, that he was big time drug user etc etc…. There was video surfaced of Ryan high on butane gases where eh was inhaling it from a can. Some of the images that have been released of him also show his "not for good" side. As this case goes on i will update this page. [album id=5 template=extend] [httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLG1LrFRRiw](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">[httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf7iBSX9bFU](<iframe width=)?autoplay=0">

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