S. Korea Bumps up Cyber Security watch in wake of Kim Jong-il death

Kim Jong-il, Passed away today and it has been a hot topic all across the social media and press in general, We have come across a alert on the yon hap News website that is alerting Korean’s to be on the watch for malicious activity. Korea Communications Commission (KCC) raised the cyber alert to the third highest level as of 2 p.m., stepping up monitoring on distributed denial-of-service attacks, or DDos attacks, hacking incidents and other assaults via the Internet, it said in a statement. The commission is beefing up monitoring of any sudden surge in traffic to Web sites of major government agencies, media companies and Web portals, it said. It also asked Internet users not to open emails about Kim’s death sent by unidentified users. This goes to show that in this day and age the internet is the most powerful tool anyone person can have, including our miltarys, governments, friends and family’s. It proves that the world is starting to act and change in the wake of the past year or so of constant on-going cyber attacks on the worlds governments.

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