Saint Francis Ministries Will Be Notifying Patients of Breach

Saint Francis Ministries issued a press release on Friday. It states, in relevant part:

On December 19, 2019Saint Francis became aware of suspicious activity relating to one of its employee’s email accounts.  Saint Francis took steps to secure the email account and began working with outside computer forensics specialists to determine the nature and scope of the activity.  On February 12, 2020, the investigation determined that an unknown actor accessed the email account between December 13, 2019, and December 20, 2019.  Unfortunately, the investigation was not able to determine if any email or attachment was actually accessed or viewed.  Saint Francis was only able to confirm that the email account was subject to unauthorized access.

With the assistance of third-party specialists, a comprehensive review of the contents of the impacted email account was performed to identify the personal information in the email account. On March 24, 2020Saint Francis determined that information for certain individuals was located in the email account when it was subject to unauthorized access and may have been accessible to the unauthorized actor.

The investigation determined the impacted email accounts contained the following types of information for certain individuals at the time they were subject to unauthorized access: Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Driver’s License or State ID, Bank or Financial Account Number, Credit or Debit Card Number, Treatment or Diagnosis Information, Prescription Information, Provider Name, Medical Record Number or Patient ID, Medicare or Medicaid Number, Health Insurance Information, Treatment Cost Information, and Username and Password.  At this time, Saint Francis is unaware of any actual or attempted misuse of any personal or protected health information relating to this incident.

On April 17, 2020Saint Francis will begin mailing notice letters to affected individuals for whom it has address information.

Although the full press release makes no mention of free credit monitoring services,  the notice that appears on their website does refer to an offer:

On April 17, 2020, Saint Francis will begin mailing notice letters to affected individuals for whom it has address information. The notice letter includes an offer of access to 12 months of credit monitoring and/or identity theft restoration services at no cost to the individual.

This incident does not yet appear on HHS’s public breach tool.

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