Salisbury, NC VA notifying 182 veterans after vouchers with SSN go missing

The VA Medical Center in Salisbury, North Carolina notified veterans after vouchers with their SSN went missing in an incident in March.

According to the VA’s monthly report to Congress:

There are 182 travel vouchers missing that contain Veterans’ names, full SSNs, and other information. The facility received a multitude of phone calls from Veterans requesting payment for vouchers they placed in a box on 03/11/14 from one of our facility Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC). The vouchers are transported from the CBOC to the medical center by mail courier, however no vouchers from 03/11/14 can be located in the Fiscal Department from the CBOC. When the mail courier is off the travel vouchers are transported by facility warehouse staff. The travel vouchers have not been found in the facility warehouse.

Incident Update 


The Incident Resolution Team has determined that 182 Veterans will be sent letters offering credit protection services, as documents containing their full SSNs have been lost.

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