Sally Provides Update on Payment Card Investigation (UPDATED)

Sally Beauty is updating its customers today on its ongoing investigation of unusual payment card activity and on efforts to provide support to any customers who may have been affected by the incident.

“We believe it is in the best interests of our customers to alert them that we now have sufficient evidence to confirm that an illegal intrusion into our payment card systems has indeed occurred. However, we will not speculate on the scope of the intrusion as our forensics investigation is still underway,” said Chris Brickman, President and CEO. “We are working diligently to address the issue and to care for any customers who may have been affected by the incident.”

“Our customers are our top priority and we regret any frustration or inconvenience this illegal breach may cause them. I want to thank them for their patience and support as we continue to work hard to correct this issue,” said Mr. Brickman.

“We want to emphasize to our customers that, under the payment card brand rules, they will not be responsible for fraudulent charges to their accounts that are promptly reported, so we encourage our customers to monitor their payment card statements and report any suspicious transactions to their financial institutions. Customers who have any concerns regarding their payment cards should call our Customer Service Hotline by phone at 1-866-234-9442 or by email at [email protected].”

SOURCE: Sally Beauty

UPDATE: In November, the Wisconsin Office of Privacy Protection reported that 41,808 Wisconsin residents were affected by the breach. This number suggests that Brian Krebs was likely correct in his earlier coverage indicating that over 200,000 customers’ data were up for sale.


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