Samsung Kazakhstan Social hub domain hacked 62,235 Accounts Leaked

social-hub-inbox Another electronic giant has become victim to cyber attack and this time its Samsung. Samsung has been breached and hacked by Turkish Ajan Hacker Group who have left the site with a defacement and leak of data to deal with. rms_samsung_kz Turkish Ajan Hacker Group announced the leaked early today from the official twitter account @TurkishAjan > @TurkishAjan Samsung Kazakhstan Hacked ! Genocide In East Turkestan File: #hack #leak #news — Maxney (@Maxn3y) June 19, 2013

The leaked data which was uploaded to speedyshare has since been removed but it did contain 62,325 user accounts which appear to be directly related to a Samsung product named social hub which is on the same sub domain as the defacement ( which is related to the Kazakhstan top level country domain which is the official site for Kazakhstan. The data leak also included another folder named Users which has 1280 html files which contain user information for the samsung social hub system as well. User data from the 62,235 only contains users email addresses, registration data and clear text passwords and the other user data from the Users folder contains names, emails, locations and contain information for a single user per file. Seeing that Samsung allows clear text passwords to be saved is just another great example of big corporations not properly enforcing client security properly. This adds another high profile target to the on going list that Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has successfully breached in the past which contains giants like Avast, CASIO, Panasonic and many others.

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