San Diego City Attorney announces lawsuit against Experian over massive data breach

At first I thought the headline had  a typo and that they meant to name Equifax, but they do, indeed, mean Experian. This suit goes back to an incident previously covered on this site that involved Experian acquiring a company, Court Ventures, that had access to another company’s, InfoSearch’s database…. and a bad actor named Hieu Minh Ngo, who resold the data he accessed to other criminals.

Sound vaguely familiar? Use the search box to search for “Court Ventures” and “InfoSearch” and you’ll find a number of posts on this case.

I had covered developments in the case and even complained that while the companies were suing each other, no one was notifying the consumers, even though a number of them had become victims of tax refund fraud. I had even asked what state attorneys general were doing.

Well now we know what one city attorney is doing – suing Experian for not notifying consumers. If the past predicts the future, Experian will claim that they couldn’t notify because only another party had sufficient information to know whom to notify. But we’ll see, I guess.

Read Jermaine Ong’s report on News10.


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