San Francisco 49ers confirm ransomware attack

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

The San Francisco 49ers NFL team has fallen victim to a ransomware attack that encrypted files on its corporate IT network, a spokesperson for the team has told The Record.

The team confirmed the attack earlier today after the operators of the BlackByte ransomware listed the team as one of their victims on Saturday on a dark web “leak site” the group typically uses to shame victims and force them into paying their extortion demands.

Read more at The Record. had reached out to the team yesterday to obtain a statement but has not heard back.  In looking at the proof of claim data, however, had noticed that the data were all invoices to the team from 2020. BlackByte did not provide any proof of the full scope of any data exfiltration.  The team’s statement to The Record indicates that they believe the attack was limited to their corporate network.

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