San Francisco Unified School District notifies families of Buena Vista Horace Mann students about data security incident

The San Francisco Unified School District recently notified families of current and former Buena Vista Horace Mann (BVHM) students about an incident in which student data was shared with some BVHM community members.

An unsigned letter dated April 22nd from the district’s department of technology described what had transpired:

On April 10, 2019, an electronic document containing student identification numbers, student names, and student usernames and default passwords for SFUSD systems and tools, including SFUSD email, student portal, and digital learning applications, for all current Buena Vista Horace Mann (BVHM) students and some former students was shared with members of the BVHM community by BVHM staff. Sharing this information with non-District personnel was a mistake and resulted in some BVHM families having access to this information regarding students other than their own for approximately a 2-hour period.

In response, the district forced a password reset for student accounts, and disclosed the incident.  As of April 22, they had no evidence or indication that student data had been inappropriately accessed by unauthorized members of the community.

The incident was due to an error by a staff member, but additional details were not provided, nor any mention of the district’s response to the staff member.

The full notification letter, submitted to the California Attorney General’s Office, appears below.


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