Sangamo Therapeutics Says Co Announced A Data Security Incident Involving Compromise Of A Senior Executive’s Company Email Account

Reuters points us to an 8-k filing by Sangamo Therapeutics in California that discloses a data breach:

On April 17, 2018, Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. (the “Company”) announced a data security incident involving the compromise of a senior executive’s Company email account. Upon learning of the incident on March 28, 2018, external network security experts were promptly engaged, and the incident response team worked diligently to investigate the incident. The Company also promptly notified federal law enforcement of the incident. The investigation concluded that the incident was limited to the compromise of the senior executive’s Company email account for approximately 11 weeks. The investigation did not reveal any evidence that the Company’s network or other information technology systems were otherwise compromised in connection with the incident or that the incident resulted in the disclosure of or access to personal information about patients or other individuals besides the holder of the Company email account that was affected. However, proprietary, confidential and other sensitive information of the Company and other entities was accessed and may have been compromised as a result of the incident. The Company is continuing to analyze the effects of the incident, along with appropriate remediation of the Company’s information technology systems, and that analysis and the related remediation efforts could ultimately reveal that other Company information technology systems were compromised and/or that additional information was revealed or compromised.


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