Sask. Health Authority sends more private health info to computer shop, says frustrated owner

This is still happening? It shouldn’t be. At what point should they be required to abandon using fax?

Alicia Bridges of CBC reports:

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has again faxed private medical information about a patient to a North Battleford computer shop, according to the frustrated owner of the business.

Darryl Arnold says his company fax machine received a 21-page medical report from the Shellbrook Hospital that was intended for a North Battleford-area doctor.

Read more on CBC. What’s also disturbing is that they seem to be trying to put the problem-solving on the involuntary recipient of their misdirected faxes:

Arnold said his company’s fax number is nearly identical to the one belonging to a North Battleford-area doctor’s office — it’s just one digit different.

He said he has been in contact with a health authority worker, who suggested he address the problem by changing his business fax number.

Arnold said he is willing to do that as long as the health authority compensates him for reprinting company business cards and letterhead.

But he said the health authority did not respond after he sent them the amount he wants them to pay for the number.

Arnold said the authority also suggested he try to set up his fax machine to block faxes from health authority numbers, but the company that sold him the machine has told him that’s not possible.

SHA is the source of the breach. THEY have to solve/prevent this – not the computer shop. Jeez….

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  1. Anonymous - January 10, 2018

    Can’t wait to read any Sask privacy regulators findings!

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