SC: Confidential Patient Information Found on Hard Drive


Jeff Brush reports:

Officials at Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County are trying to figure out exactly how a computer hard drive with confidential patient information made it outside the facility.

John Schafer, of Easley, a retired elevator repairman who fixes computers as a hobby, made a shocking discovery recently when he installed a used computer hard drive he had purchased.

The hard drive contained several detailed clinical assessments for patients referred to Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County and a monthly monitoring list of approximately 200 patient referrals from the Pickens County Department of Social Services.


“There’s information on this drive that is of an extremely personal nature,” Schafer said. “Pending litigations, there’s histories of people’s drug problems, emotional problems.

The most shocking to Schafer was the list of patients who had been referred to BHPCS from the Department of Social Services.


The client information and monitoring list were created as recently as June and some of the files only dated back to April 2011.

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