SC Department of Employment & Workforce notifying employees after former employee downloaded their info onto a flash drive

Seanna Adcox of Associated Press reports yet another breach in South Carolina, this one involving the state’s employment and workforce agency:

South Carolina’s unemployment agency began notifying more than 4,600 people Wednesday that a former employee may have compromised their personal information.

The employee who downloaded the data to a personal flash drive was fired Tuesday, said Adrienne Fairwell, spokeswoman for the Department of Employment and Workforce.

The unidentified employee in the agency’s human resources department had been suspended Dec. 19, when the State Law Enforcement Division began investigating. Security software detected the unauthorized download from human resources files a day earlier.

Read more on Independent Mail. I cannot find any notice on the agency’s website at this time.

Additional media coverage on The State and WACHFox, who report that payroll information was also involved.

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