SC: Social Security, county bank account numbers accidentally made public

Copies of a report into past Anderson County finances, released to the public last week, contained Social Security numbers for two people, business tax identification numbers for two companies and three active county bank account numbers.

The nearly 1,000-page report is still available for viewing at the historic courthouse in downtown Anderson but the sensitive information has been redacted. Before the information breaches were noticed, more than 25 copies of the report had been distributed to about a dozen residents in addition to council members and the media.

The bank account numbers in the report come from copies of checks that show complete routing numbers, which includes account numbers, for three active county bank accounts and several closed accounts.

“While, of course, it is better to not disclose bank routing and account numbers,” said county financial manager Rita Davis in an e-mail Monday. “Anderson County has safeguards in place to detect unauthorized persons from using the account numbers.”

Read more in the Independent Mail.

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