Scammers are using the promise of phony COVID-19 test kits to get Tricare recipient personal private info

We know that there is an increase in scamming trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic.  The FBI has issued an alert, the DOJ has taken enforcement action against one company already, and the FDA and FTC have warned companies.

Here’s one scam specifically targeting military members who have Tricare health insurance.  Howard Altman reports:

If you’re a Tricare recipient and someone calls you out of the blue offering a COVID-19 test kit, hang up the phone and contact Tricare officials.

The Defense Health Agency says it’s learned of scammers attempting to obtain the personal information of Tricare beneficiaries using the promise of fraudulent or non-existent COVID-19 testing kits, according to a media release.

Read more on Military Times.

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