Schools’ information up for sale on darknet?

Another listing I stumbled across while browsing what’s for sale on the darknet offered emails from what the seller claimed are .edu,, and, among other sources. The vendor, “dnu2k,” was asking $16.94  and claimed to have “Only 1 in stock!”

Emails from and listed for sale on darknet marketplace. Screencap by

I contacted the vendor to try to obtain more information, and (s)he replied that the data included “address, phone numbers, some ssn.”

By this morning, the ad had been edited to reflect that there were now allegedly 50 in stock:

Updated vendor listing. Screencap by

The description in the listing reads:

Hello, tired of spamming shit email bases? I have highest quality freshly hacked emails. These emails are obtained by hacking databases. 100% unused emails. Rest assured that when you buy emails from me, you are buying emails never before spammed. sent inquiries last night to both and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction asking whether they were aware of any hack that would correspond to the listing. No response has been received from, but the Wisconsin DPI responded that because they have no centralized support, they had forwarded my inquiry to some of the k12 IT departments. So far, none of them have contacted this site.

So was and a k12 district in Wisconsin hacked?  At this point, I have no sample or data that I can use to confirm or refute the claim. If additional information becomes available, I will update this post.

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