Scots cancer patient hits out after major data breach of medical records at NHS Lothian by staff member

Sarah Vesty reports:

A Scots cancer patient had hit out after discovering his confidential medical records were ‘inappropriately’ accessed by a member of NHS Lothian staff amid a major data breach. Martin Laing received a letter from the health board last week informing him of the incident, which is understood to have affected around 90 people.

The 57-year-old, who is suffering from leukaemia and pancreatic cancer, has spoken to Police Scotland – who are investigating – but feels he has been ‘left in the dark’ about the circumstances of the breach.

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Of note, it appears that his breach is not the health board’s first one of this kind and there was a similar incident in February 2021.  Vesty reports, “An internal audit found that a member of staff had accessed medical records belonging to more than 150 of their NHS colleagues.”

So what has this board done to proactively prevent snooping or improper access to medical records?

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