Scottsdale Dermatology Clinic patients became victims of ID theft after billing firm employee stole their information

The Sonoran News reports that two people have been arrested in Maricopa County on charges related to identity theft. One of them, Brittany Davidson, is suspected of stealing the credit card information of multiple patients in the course of her employment at a medical billing firm that is a business associate of Scottsdale Dermatology Clinic.

Sheriff’s detectives arrested both and Davidson later admitted to detectives to stealing and using addresses and credit card numbers from patients of Scottsdale Dermatology and their associated offices elsewhere in the valley.

Sheriff’s detectives ascertained that the two suspects had been accessing credit card information from untold numbers of patients from the dermatology clinics and were routinely using the cards for all kinds of purchases from pizza to tires and rims for their automobiles.

Read more on Sonoran News. It probably wasn’t a brilliant idea to steal the information of a sheriff’s captain. identifies the medical billing firm as All Source Medical Management. I do not find any statement or press release on either the clinic’s site or the business’s, and have sent an inquiry to the business associate requesting a statement.

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