Screen Caputre of One CNN False Article from Recent Breach By @Reckz0r


See here for information about reckz0rs fake leak history A few days ago i did an article on one of the worlds largest media bodies CNN being breached and data leaked as well as false articles posted. Since then people have questioned this breach as to how real it was and as a result further proof was required. I have had contact with the hacker who did this breach who uses the handle @Reckz0r who has sent me a Proof of concept in the way of the actual vulnerability that was used (now fixed) and a screen capture of 1 of the articles that was posted. The breach left a small amount of administrator accounts leaked online and had also made statement that 4 false articles had been published but its now come to the attention of me that the 4 articles were actually removed before i had the time to post any information on them leaving me without any further evidence this was in fact a real breach. One of the false articles posted was a story relating to very well known bill Gates and children that he was said to inject poison in to their buttocks, of coarse this is fake and was intended to be so from @Reckz0r but CNN had removed it before time of publishing. Screen Cap Supplied by the hacker @Reckz0r screenshot-24 The vuln which allowed this breach to happen will not be getting posted or exposed as trust between media and hackers is a great thing and is something that will be kept private. All i can say is it was a very in your face vuln and its surprising such a big name website was open to this but then again its not really as many websites are open to it as well. Original Article here ps: if you still do not believe this then i totally understand, but please do not continue to bitch at me about this as i took the steps to get proof of concept etc.

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